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Andrew Paul MacDonald: Dream of Amphion (2000)

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The Dream of Amphíon was commissioned for the Third Honens International Piano Competition in 2000 from Canadian composer Andrew Paul MacDonald. Its title derives from the Greek myth of Amphíon, a musician who was the twin brother of the stout warrior Zethus and son of the ill-fated Antiope and Zeus. After rescuing their kidnapped mother and punishing her captors, the brothers became joint rulers of Thebes and together built the massive outer walls. Zethus often teased Amphíon about his passion for music, which he played upon a lyre given him by Hermes. "It diverts your mind," he would say, "from useful purposes!" But when it came time to move the huge Cyclopean stones, Zethus strained under the fatiguing work, while Amphíon simply imagined the finished structure in a dream. As he charmed the stones with the ethereal tones of his lyre, they suddenly began to stir, lifted off the ground and gently slid into place on the wall.
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